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1. Contact Us

2. Gather Content

The client sends all the information
that we will request
We prepare the website with text, images, and the right colors for the client’s approval.

3. Revisions

On Google will take 3 weeks
On Facebook 1 week

4. ¡ Launch !

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If you still have some questions we have prepared this additional information in case you need it. You can also contact us through our contact page.

Do you work with Twitter and Google Adwords?
Yes, but for now, we are only dedicated to contributing all our experience on Facebook Ads.
Can you explain me more about this service ?
Yes, of course. We will design a campaign which will be composed of a banner (image) and texts. This campaign will be sent to your target audience, for example, men and women between 30-50 years old who live in Denver and like wine. The campaign will allow you to earn more Likes, get followers and direct them to your website to become customers.
How many banners will you design?
We will design 2 and you will have to choose only one. The cost per additional banner is $ 50 but it is rarely requested.
How long does it take?
About 2 weeks but it all depends on the information we request.
What is Real-Time Analytics?
Are real-time statistics of the campaign we have designed. You can see the number of clicks on the banner, likes, people reached, demographic stats, etc…
Do we need to meet in person?
No is not necessary. The communication and information we need can be handled by email.
After paying can I cancel the service?
Yes, we give you 1 day to cancel the service and we will refund your money in that case without problems, in case this time is exceeded there will be no refunds.
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